I'm Right Here! for iPhone/iPad/iPod

I'm Right Here! lets you inform  others of your current location by sending them an email or text message with your location embedded in a web browser link. I'm Right Here!  makes it easy for you to meet up with friends, verify the location of  your employees, or to help anyone find you. You can also view your current location on a map. Your name and, if desired, company name are  included in the email/text message, and a personalized message can be added as well. I'm Right Here! uses the most accurate locating  technology available on your device to determine your location. You can also select English or Spanish as the language to display all  menus/information/messages in.

I'm Right Here! Main Screen (Click for Enlarged VIew)

I'm Right Here! Map Screen (Click for Enlarged VIew)

I'm Right Here! Send Location (Click for Enlarged VIew)

I'm Right Here! User Info (Click for Enlarged VIew)

I'm Right Here! App Info Screen (Click for Enlarged VIew)


You can purchase I'm Right Here! on the Apple App Store by opening the App Store app on your device or in iTunes, and search for I'm Right Here!.





I'm Right Here!

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